Selecting, Scheduling and Viewing Properties

Your real estate professional will search for properties that meet your criteria. You could also request to automatically receive listings that meet your criteria as they become available. You could then choose which properties you’d like to see.

Since there is access to many real estate websites, there may be properties you come across on your own that you’d like to see….it’s important to notify your agent as soon as possible. Please note that some of the websites featuring properties are not consistently updated or do not provide accurate information. As a result, you may find that a property you’d like to see is no longer available or was never actually for sale.

Properties can be viewed by appointment only, during an open house or during a scheduled group showing. Either way, it is extremely important that you are ON TIME. Your relationship with your real estate professional should be taken very seriously. If you happen to attend an open house on your own, be sure to let your agent know as soon as possible and sign in letting the listing agent know you have buyer representation.

Take your time viewing the properties both inside and outside. Make the best of the showing.  Don’t forget to look in basements, attics, garages and sheds. Ask as many questions as you need to. In some cases, your real estate professional may need to refer to the listing agent for answers. Be sure to ask about the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems. Ask about the age of the roof, water tank and furnace. Check the listing sheet for disclosures. These are items that the seller and/or listing agent must or have chosen to disclose and are typically worth knowing. Keep an eye out to determine whether the property meets your needs and if you could see yourself living there.

Your real estate professional may suggest seeing a property that may not be exactly what you want in its current condition or configuration, but which could become a more suitable property with a few adjustments. KEEP AN OPEN MIND TO THE POSSIBILITIES.

Real estate professionals are not allowed to offer their opinions as to whether a particular neighborhood is SAFE. Someone’s perception of a neighborhood is oftentimes subjective. Utilize available resources like neighborhood police reports, sex offender registries, newspaper articles, etc. I suggest driving by the neighborhood at various times  to get a sense of things and by all means feel free to speak with the neighbors….they can be a wealth of information.